» [2, 3] The problem with fixing the underlying tear surgically

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best replica bags online Meniscal tears can occur from pivoting/cutting over a fixed foot during an athletic event such as soccer or rugby or from trauma such as landing on a flexed or bent knee. «In the United States, arthroscopic partial menisectomy (removing part of the torn meniscal tissue) after a meniscal tear is the most frequent orthopedic surgical procedure.» [2, 3] The problem with fixing the underlying tear surgically when the meniscus is resected or cut out is that it has been shown to increase the long term risk of knee osteoarthritis (OA) four fold. [3, 4, 5] Recent research Replica Bags in a multicenter, randomized, replica handbags china controlled study of 351 patients suggests physical therapy is comparable in results to surgery for meniscal tears. best replica bags online

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