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Where parents cannot co operate and remain hostile towards each other, shared parenting arrangements can result in a higher than normal rate of clinical anxiety in the children, the research found.

The report recommends that mediators and Canada Goose Outlet Family Court judges screen warring couples to canada goose uk outlet ensure that their level of conflict does not make them unsuitable for shared care.

Does this tally with your personal experience? What needs to be done Canada Goose Parka to improve the system?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Science or slaughter?

The stakes in the whaling debate just got canada goose higher, canada goose clearance sale as the Government looks to escalate Australia’s efforts to stop Japanese whalers, sending a ship and an aircraft to gather evidence against them in the Southern Ocean.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith announced the Government would send canada goose clearance an anti whaling envoy to Tokyo. Seeking to minimise any damage to relations with Japan, cheap canada goose uk he noted machine guns would be removed from the decks of the customs patrol vessel.

Australia is organising a coalition of nations to campaign against the practice. Is this appropriate action? Should Australia be doing more to protect threatened and endangered species? Or should it stay out uk canada goose outlet of Japanese affairs?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sad state of affairs?

‘Lifelong canada goose store monogamy is an unrealistic expectation that makes people feel like failures’, writes Catherine Deveny.

She argues that ‘people are torn between their canada goose coats on sale emotions and an archaic expectation that was conceived when the average life expectancy was 30’.

Is this a fair description of modern relationships? Are we Canada Goose sale kidding ourselves in aspiring to monogamy?

Are ‘flings, one night canada goose coats stands, crushes, online romances and full on affairs involving people in committed relationships’ an inevitable consequence of modern living, where lives are no canada goose black friday sale longer focused uk canada goose just on survival, but with an eye to hedonism and desire?

Monday, December 17, 2007Philip Freier, the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, buy canada goose jacket cheap writes today that, although it wants us to lavish canadian goose jacket material gifts on children, our society is far too lax about the widespread exploitation of childhood and teenagers that is resulting in serious buy canada goose jacket levels of depression among young people.

There has been a fourfold increase in depression among Canada Goose Coats On Sale young people in the past Canada Goose Online 30 cheap Canada Goose years in this country, homesite Canada Goose Outlet with an estimated 100,000 young people now suffering depression. Is it fair to say that depression and obesity among children are problems caused by our canada goose uk black friday ‘toxic Canada Goose Jackets society’?

Is Freier right to note that there Canada Goose online was ‘much talk about the economy and economic management during the election campaign, but very little was said about the kind of society we canada goose factory sale want to be’? Do we need canada goose uk shop a national inquiry into the epidemic? How can we maximise the healthy nurture and training of young minds from childhood to adulthood.

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