Almost as surprised as she is by finding all of moncler donna

Thursday THIRTY

THIRTY?! Well, if you add the Thirteen Summer Picture Books and Thirteen Summer Chapter Books to piumini moncler outlet today’s Four Special Summer Books, you do indeed get thirty books moncler outlet online uomo about summer from tot to tween.

The four I am highlighting today have a little more weight to them than the chapter books I showcased last week. (Okay, with the exception of the deeper One Crazy Summer, but I couldn’t resist that great title.) These certainly aren’t the darker books of Young Adult, but each has it’s own serious aspect. And they are also moncler outlet all spectacular books.

When eleven year old Poppy skips a trip with her parents to India, she makes the decision with a goal to be a vet like her Uncle Sanjay. What she finds is that it working with animals can be difficult, gross, and heart breaking. Over the summer Poppy also adjusts to the slow pace island lifestyle, makes new friends, and learns more about herself. She even comes to handle the animals in emergencies and in passing. This book is a lovely read, but the sections on animals suffering or dying piumini moncler uomo are emotionally intense especially if you’ve been through it moncler saldi outlet personally.

Gabriel King is afraid of everything spiders, robbers, cows moncler bambino saldi but his biggest fear is moving up to the next grade, where he’ll be in the same piumini moncler school as the bullies who pick on moncler outlet serravalle him. His best friend Frita decides to take the summer to liberate Gabriel from his fears one by one. She’s rarely afraid, but one of piumini moncler scontatissimi her biggest fears is moncler outlet trebaseleghe about to confront the pair head on. Set in the deep south in 1976, this book is a drama, comedy, and historical fiction. It tackles fear, hatred, racism, but ultimately is about courage. moncler bambino outlet And friendship. Wonderful piumini moncler saldi book.

Turtle outlet moncler and her mom have always gotten through tough times together, but now that mom is employed as a live in maid for a woman who doesn’t like kids, Turtle is send to live with relatives in Key West. It’s the middle of the depression, and many folks don’t have much, but Turtle is still surprised by the poverty on this little stretch of land. Almost as surprised as she is by finding all of moncler donna her long lost relations. With the sea and the trees to provide, the families get by even if shoes are moncler uomo a rarity and there is even some moncler saldi fun to be had in seeking payment of sweets for babysitting. There are also literal treasures to be found, for those crazy, brave and bored enough to seek them. And along with her More moncler outlet cousins, moncler saldi uomo Turtle moncler outlet online shop finds herself right in the middle of all of the adventures. Some frightening stuff in a hurricane, and Turtle’s family situation give weight to the lighter side. Enjoyable read that exposes a lost place in time.

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