It was a stupid thing to do he was probably a bit emotional at

If you concerned about seeming too you could invite the guy to something you are going to anyway, like a concert, so it like you are asking them to come along.Tell a trusted friend your plans and arrange your own transport. Then it a case of picking up on the cues to your compatibility, so trust your instincts and don drink too much. Remember there will always be other dates so there no need to settle for second best.If the date goes well, don wait for the guy to call you let them know you had a good time.

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monlcer down jackets Get Celtic updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe Celtic boss believes the incident which saw Eboue Kouassi grabbed by the privates during Sunday’s Betfred Cup semi final clash had the Jambos star playing the role of Scottish football’s Vinnie Jones.But Rodgers wasn’t prepared to make light if the incident which has seen MacLean cited by the SFA compliance officer after footage of the Murrayfield manhandling was reviewed.He said: «I haven’t seen that since Vinnie Jones on Paul Gascoigne. It was a stupid thing to do he was probably a bit emotional at the time, he’d been booked at the start of the game so he was probably fired up. We didn’t make any comment on it; it’ll be up to others to deal with it.»Personally, I just don’t think there’s any need for it monlcer down jackets.

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