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How to Handle Working on a Holiday

Working on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and other National HolidaysThis year, you drew the short straw and you’re stuck working a Major Holiday. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving, moncler online store Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or some other holiday you’d rather spend anywhere but work. Whichever holiday you’re working, you may feel angry, bitter, or jealous that you’ll be showing up at the usual time while ‘everyone else’ has off.

If it’s any consolation, you’re in plentiful company. Each year, millions of people from gas station clerks to doctors have to work major holidays. I have personally worked every holiday at least once. Whether this is your first time working a holiday, or the 20th year in a row you’ve volunteered for cheap moncler jackets the job, this moncler uk outlet advice can help you make the most of your holiday at work.

Do I get Overtime on Federal/Bank Holidays?I know lots of people who love volunteering to work holidays so they can either receive holiday pay or ‘bank’ the holiday moncler outlet sale as an extra vacation day. This holiday pay is usually the same as overtime pay, or ‘time and a half.’ This means if you normally make $10 an hour, holiday pay would be $15 an hour, or half of your normal rate on top of your regular hourly wage. For some, the chance to make a little extra money and avoid the chaos of home is the perfect reason to work holidays.

Sadly, you cannot assume your job will give you extra money for working a holiday, even a national holiday. The Fair Labor Standards Act governs wages, overtime, and other work practices in the United States, but it does not mandate additional pay on any holiday. Even most best moncler jackets state and Federal employees don’t cheap moncler sale have to receive additional pay for working holidays. If you want to work a holiday for some extra cash, make sure to check with your employer ahead of uk moncler outlet time to find out what, if any, additional compensation will be offered.

Does Work Offer a Holiday Meal?Many employers offer a free holiday meal to folks who have to work Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Fourth of July picnics, or even Easter brunches might be offered by your place of work, too. If you’re scheduled to work a holiday, moncler womens jackets ask your boss:

If there will be a holiday meal will be provided.

If there will be a during the work day meal, find out whether moncler sale online it’s potluck or provided by the business

If you can bring family members. Some employers allow you to bring guests to a work sponsored meal. If this is the case, take advantage of the opportunity! You can transform a holiday at work into a chance to avoid cooking and dishes!

At my current workplace, Thanksgiving dinner is talked about all year. The manager’s wife is a wonderful lady and a fantastic cook who really takes care of us!

Make cheap moncler coats mens your own HolidayOne of my favorite ways to deal with working on a holiday is by celebrating on my own day. When I was in elementary school, my mother had to work Christmas. moncler outlet woodbury I created moncler sale a sign and taped it in the window asking Santa to uk moncler sale please come a day early so we could celebrate together. We had Christmas on Christmas Eve morning that year, and it was fantastic. I remember sitting in church on Christmas Eve feeling so special because I was wearing a brand new, Christmas present sweater while the rest of moncler sale outlet the kids were still eagerly waiting to unwrap their moncler outlet presents.

If you, or loved ones, work on the actual holiday, just find another time that week when you can be together and share a meal. The holiday police won’t come arrest you I’m sure of it.

Keep SmilingWorking on holidays can be difficult. You might prefer to be at home and, if you have a customer service job, you may end up talking to a lot of very stressed out people. However, you may also end up really making someone’s day by being the only place to get gas or the last spot that still has whipping cream. If you work in government or healthcare, try to remember that other folks are able to have a good time because of the safety and services you provide.

In my experience, a lot of people are actually very thankful for your presence at work, and many of them are quite sympathetic. I might have lobbied for Tim Horton’s, just because it might be one of my favorite places ever. I guess it isn’t really Christmas Eve Dinner type material, though, but I still like it!

Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I was working for a cable/phone company based in the US. We were the tech support/ customer service/ collections people on the phones in Ontario. They gave the staff in the US the holidays off but we were the ones answering all the calls instead. We did get paid double time and on Xmas Eve the company we worked for bought everyone Swiss Chalet. (A favourite Canadian chain restaurant).

Anyway, as I was catching the bus to work I made a stop at the liquor store. I wanted to buy something for New Years Eve and my bus went right past the store and my shift started discount moncler jackets with enough time for me to make the stop off. While I was there I picked up a couple of sample sized bottles just for fun.

At moncler outlet online work I found a seat beside two of my work friends and get started. There weren’t a lot of calls so we had a fairly easy night. (We were night shift). At work there we had a room full of vending machines. One of the best things was moncler outlet store the hot chocolate. So, when my friend took her first break I asked her to bring me a hot chocolate. When she came back with one for herself too I cracked open the first sample sized bottle. (The other friend got a hot chocolate too). So we shared up the cheap moncler jackets mens bottle that way. Then another of them the same way awhile later.

It wasn’t so much alcohol that we were anything but tipsy at best. It was knowing we were doing something bad and dangerous that would not be approved of. We moncler outlet prices were laughing about it all night. Quietly. It was silly, because if they had caught us we would have been in trouble. But, it really made working the holiday shift a lot more fun and the time went by very quickly with all the laughing and joking we were doing.

I realized I will accidentally have New Year’s off this year because it’s one of my normal days off. It will be the first time I’ve had New Year’s Eve off since I started working!

AudraLeigh 5 years ago

I worked for moncler usa many (21 years) in a grocery store and worked cheap moncler jackets womens almost every holiday. This will e my 2nd Christmas eve off in my adult life. I am very appreciative to all the great people I have waited on and who have crossed paths with during the Holidays. I hope I check cheap moncler made their holidays nice too 🙂 You wrote a great piece here!!Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii.

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