Views from all rooms are great

I never said that I had a question for him later that was going to be a weird question. The first thing out of [his mouth] I could’ve wanted to asked about the huge presidential private plane. I could’ve wanted to ask about, like, underground tunnels.

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wholesale replica designer handbags [H. R.] McMasters’ response, which tends to refute the story, rebut the story,» McConnell said in an interview with Bloomberg.»I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on 7a replica bags wholesale a lot of high replica bags things so we could focus on our agenda, which is replica bags china deregulations, tax reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare,» he said, entirely skipping replica wallets over Trump’s own admission and the potential consequences of handing out secret intelligence to hostile nations.I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things so we could focus on our agenda, which is deregulations, tax reform, repealing and luxury replica bags replacing Obamacare.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellMcConnell repeated his plea for the White House to drop all the drama later when he spoke to reporters after meeting with fellow Republicans, but seemed somewhat aaa replica bags hesitant in expressing confidence in Trump.Asked if he had concerns about the president’s ability to handle classified information, McConnell first offered a nervous chuckle and a what am I supposed to do wave of his hands before declaring, «No.» He similarly answered «no» when asked if he was starting to lose confidence in Trump. But in neither case did he offer any elaboration or defend Trump’s revelations to the Russians.Some other Republicans professed anger.»The reports that the President shared sensitive intelligence with Russian officials are deeply disturbing,» Sen. wholesale replica designer handbags

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